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Rent-Stabilized Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

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Coming hot on the heels of the revelation that seasoned politician Charles Rangel lives in three rent-stabilized apartments at Harlem's Lenox Terrace and uses a fourth as an office, both the Times and Post go looking for more luminaries who are holed up in stabilized pads?the implication being that, hey, don't these folks have the means to be market-raters? The Olnick Organization's Lenox Terrace and Rudin Management's white-brick tower at 215 East 68th Street seem to be the twin capitals of sweetheart rent deals. In addition to Rangel and Gov. David Patterson, the Post reports that Lenox Terrace is also home to former Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton and his "millionaire son," Pierre, former NAACP leader Hazel Dukes and former state Democratic Party head Rodney Capel, the son of a Rangel aide. The Rudin building, the Times reports, is basically a retirement home for the one-time powerful. Tenants include mayors David Dinkins and John Lindsay, former police commissioner Howard Safir, former fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen and a large supporting cast of legal titans. Looks like Rudin doesn't have to look far for representation in that St. Vincent's dust-up.
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