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Bedford Ave. Goes Car Free on a Blazing Hot Day

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Well, it's a toss-up as to whether the Williamsburg Walks experiment is any more successful than the one on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, even though the background scenery and the demographic are a tiny bit different. In any case, the first of the events took place with intense heat radiating from the sidewalk. Street Films captured the action in a positive light, but Brooklyn 11211 wrote:

Turnout felt light, and the oppressive heat certainly lent the afternoon a languid tone (except at the hydrants, which were very popular). Whether it was the weather or just the extra space, the afternoon lacked that manic aspect that Bedford often gets on the weekends.The long-range forecast for next Saturday is the mid-80s, so there's still hope.

[Photo courtesy of sabeth718/flickr]
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