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BAM Cultural District Takes Another Baby Step Forward

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[Photo courtesy of Property Shark]

It's been a month or so since there was any news out of the BAM Cultural District, but today there is an announcement that the old Strand Theater in Fort Greene is going to be getting a $17.3 million expansion and makeover. The space, which was a vaudeville theater in the old days, will house BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn and UrbanGlass. The BRIC group, which produces Celebrate Brooklyn among other things, will get 20,000 square feet. Brooklyn Community Access Television will get a media screening room and a new TV studio. UrbanGlass will get a big new space too. Design work will happen this year with construction in 2009 and completion in 2010. The space, which dates to 1918 and also was a bowling alley for a while, is next to BAM's Harvey Theater on Fulton Street and to the recently PriceChopped Forte Condo.
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