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It Happened One Weekend: Rudy Does Real Estate, Uma's Cachet and Meier Mania!

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1) Curbed hero Keith Jacobson famously picked up two full floors at Richard Meier's 173 Perry Street for just $3.74 million, thanks to luck, timing and Vincent Gallo's temper. Now, after a snazzy build-out of the raw space, the swingin' single has put 3BR, 3,634-square-foot duplex on the market?for $12.5 million! Hey, he ain't a Curbed hero for nothing. [Big Deal/'Looking for Luck']

2) The next time a predatory equity firm buys up a mostly rent-stabilized property, clamps down on rent-stabilized tenants and gets exposed in the New York Times for shady dealings, Rudy Giuliani may be involved! That'll be fun. ['Giuliani Firm Plans Real Estate Investment Fund']

3) "Real estate agents said homes that have appeared on television or in the movies can certainly use that history as a marketing tool when it comes time to sell. Some buyers might easily be drawn to a house that was Uma Thurman's childhood home in 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' or to downtown Brooklyn's Belltel lofts because it will play host to MTV's 'The Real World Brooklyn.' Really? The Real World, maybe, but My Super Ex-Girlfriend? ['Lights! Camera! Ka-Ching!']

4) It may sound weird that Congressman Charles Rangel lives in three combined rent-stabilized apartments, but that used to be a fairly common occurrence until 1993, when the laws were tweaked so that it was easier for landlords to take more expensive apartments to market rates. Landlords "frequently preferred combining vacant apartments and renting them to 'good tenants who paid rent on time.'" [Big Deal/'Rangel's Rental Looking Glass']

5) The Stuyvesant Town satire blog Lux Living gets the spotlight treatment, and while the site's proprietor remains anonymous, we do find out that he no longer lives in Stuy Town. Is there anything better than an old-fashioned vendetta blog? No, no there is not. Says a Tishman Speyer spokesman, "We don’t think fake reports about things like cancer are funny, entertaining or helpful for our residents." [The City/Stuyvesant Town]

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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014