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'Live Like a Hipster King,' Bunk Beds Included

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Forget about the Brooklyn B&B explosion and about Nu and Le Bleu, anyone that wants to "live like a hipster king" (their words, not ours) needs to get on the L, alight at Morgan Avenue and walk over to the New York Loft Hostel. We started noticing ads for it on Craigslist a few weeks ago and for a current grand price of $28.99 a night ($21 is the offer on Craigslist) it offers a bunk bed, wifi and floors that look like they've been spit shined. There's a 14-bed female dorm (hipster queens?), 20-bed male dorm and a 22-bed mixed dorm. Also coming are a pool and jacuzzi in the 2,200 square foot backyard garden. Miss Heather over at New York Shitty, though, is enthralled enough to write "I almost want to go down there and spend the night so as to assure myself the New York Loft Hostel is, indeed, for real." Oh, it is.
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