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East Village Under Siege: Help Us, Canada!

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Over on East 10th and Stuyvesant Streets, the triangle between Second and Third Avenues where the East Village briefly becomes brownstone Brooklyn, there is chaos afoot. Vanishing New York spotted the above flier posted by the Block Association, and it cites a rash of "graffiti, broken windows, overturned planters and other acts of vandalism" in the area. But that's not the only problem being dealt with in this summer update. The Block Association also notes that Canadian company TD North has purchased Commerce Bank, meaning that those who are "offended by the excessive and garish signage" on the branch at Second Third Avenue and 10th Street now have a chance to do something about it. With a signage change imminent, neighbors are urged to e-mail the branch's manager to suggest that "the St. Marks Historic District and the residential nature of the street be respected."

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