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Actually, Car-Free Streets Are Supposed to be Pretty Empty

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[Left photo courtesy of Streetsblog; right photo courtesy of Brooklyn 11211]

Are the pedestrian street experiments in Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg being judged unfairly for not being thronged with people? Are they supposed to be pretty laid back? Streetsblog says people are being too tough on the experiment because "The whole idea of Summer Streets, as I understand it, is to give New Yorkers a bit of room to breathe and space to walk, bike, play or simply sit down and relax." Instead of looking for street fair type crowds:

measure the amount of time kids are able to run and play without their parents having to worry about them being hit by a car, the number of friends you bump into and new people you meet, the pounds of automobile exhaust and carbon that aren't being spewed into the hot summer air, the amount of horn-honking, engine-revving and boom stereos you're not hearing, and whether your local merchants are happy about the event and making more money than they usually do on a slow summer weekend.The big Manhattan experiment starts August 9.
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