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Inwood Under Siege: Bikers, Gangs Threaten Gentrification

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Inwood's Seaman Avenue?which, for a reason we can't quite put our finger on, has become quite the popular photo op?is plagued by almost nightly motorcycle drag races. But that's the least of residents' concerns. There are also muggings, drug-related murders and roving gangs of bat-wielding teenagers. At least, that's what one concerned Inwoodite tells us is going on, while then noting that "Inwood and the rest of the 34th Precinct has become lawless this summer. We have a serious spike in crime, and a serious lack of policing: 1 officer to every 750 people. Finally, residents have organized and are demanding that Bloomberg and Kelly give us more police officers." Those demands come in this online petition (386 signatures as of this writing). The comments left by the signees paint Inwood out to be some sort of lawless hellhole. Our suggestion: Accept the NOMA nickname and get a fresh start!
· More Officers in the 34th Precinct [Petition Online]