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On the Racked: iPhrenzy Continues, Creepy Happy Faces at WaMu, Interesting Books at Strand, More

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The front of the line in Midtown at 9AM this morning

1) Midtown: The iPhone 3G is back in stock at the Cube on Fifth Avenue, but the bad news is that the line is five hours long. Per Racked: "If the shortage was a marketing ploy by Apple, it worked."

2) Chinatown: What's with the creepy, happy face receipt the WaMu ATM on Canal Street is spitting out? Not cool.

3) Midtown: British men's luxury brand Alfred Dunhill is making progress on trading up from its shoebox on Fifth Avenue to a shiny new storefront at 545 Madison Avenue. They can still make the July 2008 opening target.

4) FiDi: The remaining titles at the Strand Annex on Fulton Street are now 50 percent off. You've always wanted a political book by Larry Flynt or Krist Novoselic, right?