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Red World Red Hook Watch: Report from the Front Line

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[All photos courtesy of Yovanoff/flickr]

Oh, there is something so afoot at Pier 41 and in Red Hook generally that the official confirmation from MTV about Real World Brooklyn settling into the neighborhood will be a mere formality. Either that or everyone will have been had by an elaborate ruse. The pics here come from a tipster with a telephoto lens who reports:
I grabbed my zoom lens and took my bike down to red hook to see what was going on at pier 41 today and see if I could find any signs of everyones favorite mtv reality show. A little bit of construction going on, and lots of folks with walky-talkies coming and going. I overheard two guys talking about a 'beach house' and a need for additional fencing. A few months ago that entire pier was covered in plants from the flower nursery that has now been relocated.
Reports also continue of an outbreak of non-disclosure agreements floating around and being signed, and we don't think Ikea or Fairway are behind them.
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