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Garden Inn Takes Over York Street

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Imagine the Mega-McSam Empire joining up with Hilton Hotels to make a move on the ultra-modern One York condo down in Tribeca. Fear not, that glassy playboy pad hasn't fallen to the forces of the self-described party monster Sam Chang. What we have here is the soon-to-open Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca at 6 York Street, and it comes from the architectural sketch book of the ever-busy Gene Kaufman. He gives us six stories of pre-cast brick wrapped around 150 guest rooms, plus the ubiquitous business centers, exercise rooms and swirling whirlpools. Reportedly this one also has a pool hidden away somewhere. Imagine it up top, with direct views of One York's terrific terrace-top pool across the way. Now picture partying Sam, with cocktail in hand, calling across to the new neighbors lounging behind the bamboo. A tale of two cities, to be continued.
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