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On the Market: $38 Million Duplex at THE 740 Park

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740 mothereffin' Park. The one, the only. Every apartment that becomes available in Rosario Candela's 1929 masterpiece is cause for the drop-what-you're-doing-and-ogle treatment, and here's the latest opening in the storied co-op: Duplex #4-5D, on the market for $38,000,000. Of course, 740 Park superexpert Michael Gross is all over this on his blog, and he gets into the history of the apartment. It's owned by "Peter Huang, a Chinese-born investment banker whose ex-wife Nancy once shook up the house by inviting the likes of Chic’s Nile Rodgers, Kid Creole and Fab Five Freddie to party there (earning herself a nasty divorce)." Note to self: Do not whistle "Le Freak" at our 740 Park co-op board approval meeting. The listing, unfortunately, does not include a floor plan, but Gross says the duplex right below is pretty much the same.

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· Listing: 740 Park Avenue [Corcoran]
· Shrouded Sale at 740 [MGross]

740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY