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Daphne Really, Really Wants You at Bushwick's 358 Grove

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Please swallow any liquids before you press play on this video we found on YouTube promoting (we think) the 358 Grove condo in Bushwick. Do pay close attention to the Grove 358 song and its subtitles.

And here is the priceless copy that was posted with the Daphne vid:

Hey guys, my name is Daphne B and I am 24 years old. Basically, I grew up on Long Island, with my type-A, proper and overprotective parents and a picture perfect older sister (who went to Harvard and graduated with honors). Vomit. I guess I am the black sheep of my family, the one who always got in trouble in high school and ended up dropping out of college. I finally moved out of my parents house about a month ago and finally enjoying life in an awesome place on Grove st. in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Right now, I am trying to save up some money so I got a job at a local pizza parlor and life..s been pretty good : )
People, Daphne wants you at 358 Grove. Now.
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