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Wrecking Ball or Preservation? Admiral's Row Gets a Hearing

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The ongoing saga of Admiral's Row, the rundown, historic buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard the city would like to tear down, in part, to make a big parking lot for a grocery store, had another installment last night. The building's (for now) guardians, the National Guard, held another hearing at Borough Hall to get public input. The property is still in Federal hands and the Guard is required by law to consider any "adverse effect" (like demolition of historic buildings) that transfer would have. Before the hearing, a long list of Brooklyn politicians had a press conference to call for demolition, including Borough President Marty Markowitz who said that "food justice" in form of a supermarket for nearby public housing residents outweighed preservation. Brownstoner called the lineup "a disappointing display of political showmanship which rested on the intellectually-rickety concept that this matter is an either-or choice between preservation on the one hand and fresh food for the poor on the other when any reasonable person can see that there are a million (or at least ten, that is) shades of grey in between."

An Army Corps of Engineers study has determined the buildings could be restored for under $20 million and groups have come up with alternate proposals that allow both the supermarket and the restored building. Groups including the Municipal Art Society and the Historic Districts Council will be holding a commmunity design session in August to come up with alternatives to to demolition. While the Navy Yard Development Corp. has previously said it doesn't want the property with conditions like preservation of the buildings attached, Brownstoner indicates they may be willing to consider proposals from developers.
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