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On the Racked: Still More iPhrenzy, Jewelers Moving on Madison, Beachy in LIC, Hermès Goes Pumpkin

1) Midtown: Neither morning downpours nor shortages will quell the iPhrenzy, although this morning the Soho and MePa Apple stores let buyers wait inside instead of out in the rain.

2) UES: There's an unbelievably huge list of jewelry stores that are either moving, opening or doing other things on Madison Avenue. Seriously, it reads like a guidebook.

3) LIC: Calypso has opened an 1,800 foot outlet store on Skillman Avenue and Racked has the photo gallery and analysis.

4) UES: Hermès has taken the store construction thing up a notch, opting for pumpkin colored paper in the window over plywood. It looks better but still affords remodeling secrecy.