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Reader Rant: Lay Off This Landmark!

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[Photos via New York Architecture Images]

In terms of righteous indignation, this reader-submitted rant is a little light on the rage. Still, given the topic it deals with?a beloved Lower Manhattan landmark!?we will allow him to get up on the Curbed soapbox and take aim at his foes, in this case the Landmarks Preservation Commission:

Don't know if you've ever been in the lobby of 195 Broadway, that's the old AT&T Long Lines building. It's not as famous as its neighbor slightly to the north, the Woolworth Building. Nevertheless it's a gorgeous space, with massive fluted Doric columns. Recently I was in and noticed some work going on in the ceiling, and was told they were getting ready to add retail to the lobby, and it was going to be done by installing glass partitions. I was rather taken aback, knowing that the lobby was landmarked and wondering how they were going to get away with installing partitions.

Nevertheless, Landmarks has reviewed the plans and given the blessing. It seems fairly shocking that Landmarks will give the OK to chop up the lobby like this, while when you want to change the the window trim paint color on your Fort Greene Brownstone you have to jump through all kinds of hoops. Guess it's all according to who you know.

L&L Holding, no stranger to massive renovations of buildings we love, seems to be steering the ship here. Will this end up classy or clumsy?
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