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CurbedWire: The Edge Rising Fast, Lotta Hotel Rooms?

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WILLIAMSBURG?A tipster with a vantage point sent this photo of the progress at The Edge on Kent Avenue. Either they've made astounding progress since Sunday, or the work on the two towers isn't apparent until seen from above. Either way, another week or two, and the buildings will be very visible from ground level. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?A few days ago we received this e-mail about former Development Du Jour Lotta Condominiums, on West 118th Street: "I went to an Open House this Sunday to Lotta Condos. For some reason there were lotta (heh?) Ikea TROMSO bunk bed boxes in almost every room. Like two or three boxes of them. I was told that the developers are "thinking" about converting it into a hotel." The building's sales director, Elliman broker Tamir Shemesh, confirms that the developer has had discussions about taking the building hotel, but nothing has been decided. [CurbedWire Inbox/CurbedWire Staff]

The Edge

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