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CurbedWire: Your Friday WTF

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"My wife and I have been a resident of Thompson + Bleecker for 20 years and have slowly watched the neighborhood transform into a monstrosity. This morning, I was walking down Bleecker on my way to work and saw a painter painting my apartment building. I felt generous and was going to offer to buy the painting for our kitchen. As I approached the painter, I pointed at our window in the painting, and he hit me in the face with his easel, pushed me, and called me a homophobic word. I called him crazy and moved on. What is my neighborhood turning into? I've been able to deal with the tourists and the late night college students drinking and fighting in the streets, but when a man assaults me in my own front yard, that I have a problem with. To all Greenwich Village residents: Avoid the homophobic painter with a South African accent." [CurbedWire Inbox]