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'Hipster King' Hostel Also Has Lofts for Sale

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Remember the "hipster king" hostel lofts on Varet Street in East Williamsburg/Bushwick? It turns out the building is also a condo hotel and has work lofts. A listing for Unit 1 in the building, which is going for $499K, says it's a "Resident Caretaker apartment and the owner of this unit will have certain oversight responsibilities to the complex. The main property consists of 16 work lofts which are ideal for artists, painters, sculptors, photography studios, audio/visual, small offices, etc." Then Lofts at Varet Street website has a full rundown of the building, describing it as "hotel condominiums" but another part of the site listing the properties as commercial condos. There's also a price list starting around $380,000. Interesting all the away around.
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