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Astor Place Latest Traffic Mess to Get Tweaked

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Having already tackled the most screwy traffic pattern in town, the Flatiron/Madison Square/Broadway/23rd Street corridor of confusion, the Department of Transportation is now taking aim at Astor Place and Cooper Square. Construction may begin as early as this winter on the long-planned adjustment, the Villager reports, which will turn a lot of street space into more of those pedestrian plazas that D.O.T. is so in love with right now, widen the somewhat-scary Peter Cooper Park, and close off to cars the space between Fourth Avenue and Lafayette?meaning tourists and skatepunks won't have to look four ways before going to spin the Alamo cube. There are more details about lane thinning and realignment in the Villager story, but right now we're a little lost in that misty, water-colored rendering. The city's Art Commission will "consider" the conceptual design next month.
· Astor Pl./Cooper Sq. traffic plan is ready to roll [Villager]