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Controversial Carroll Gardens Building Hits the Pause Button

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The controversial 360 Smith Street building in Carroll Gardens has been sent to the corner for a time out, getting hit late yesterday afternoon with a Stop Work Order. On Wednesday, the City Council unanimously passed the "Narrow Streets" Zoning Text Amendment for some streets in Carroll Gardens. This is significant because the building would be 70 feet versus the 55 feet allowed by new zoning. By Wednesday night, emails were circulating telling people to call the Department of Buildings. DOB logged a complaint at 11:49 yesterday morning about the building being out of compliance with the new zoning. By 2:58PM, a Buildings Inspector was on site, noting that only 20 percent of the foundation was done and ordering a halt to work. Later, the developer of Oliver House told the MTA to cancel a planning closing to an entrance of the Carroll Street subway station due to construction. It's likely there will be an appeal to the Board of Standards and Appeals to "vest" the building under the old rules, which means there will be more bizarre arguments in front of one of the city's most obscure, yet contentious bodies coming in the fall.
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