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Slope Strollers in Chaos as Tea Lounge Closes

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That Park Slope institution and stroller magnet, the Seventh Avenue Tea Lounge, closed its doors for the last time last night (as had been announced in May) and the nabe reaction was swift. From Park Slope Parents came this missive:

Well, tonight is the last day to lounge at the 10th street Tea Lounge, a sad day for all South Slopers. A perfect meeting spot for years...But the good news is that the Tea Lounge on Union Street is open and thriving. If you've never ventured north to check it out, now's the time. It's a much larger space with all the great things the 10th Street Tea Lounge had, plus a ton more food choices and a full bar. There's lots more room for moms and little ones to spread out, and plenty of space for writers to settle in. And the neighborhood feel is there too.And, on Brooklynian, there was this: What is going to be in its place? No more banks! This area needs a place you can go in and have snack and do some reading." Will the stroller moms of the South Slope venture all the way north to Union Street? Stay tuned.
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