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CurbedWire: Public Place Asbestos Furor, Lotta No Longer on Sale

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CARROLL GARDENS?The latest furor in a neighborhood known for them is anger over the removal of asbestos on a building that's been added to the Public Place project. We've gotten several emails since this morning about the work, most notably one that says, among other things: "Demo work has starting at the Abody warehouse portion of the Public Place site. Last week they removed 125,000 square feet of asbestos contaminated roofing in the open air with no DOB permits and no community awareness. As a nearby resident with a small child I feel at risk! What is going on here?...The work is clearly visible from the subway platform, and the cutting and sawing if the hazardous materials are introducing micro particles into the air- exactly the concern when dealing with asbestos. It is of extreme concern that this work is being conducted adjacent to a children's park in open air with no protection and no community awareness." While asbestos removal doesn't fall under the Department of Buildings, there are months, if not years, of alarmed emails to come about the Public Place cleanup. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?The news about the Lotta Condominiums we noted on Friday, maybe being converted into a hotel isn't quite confirmed, but we're getting very close. A tipster writes, "Last week I was going to pick one up since the prices dropped over 10% but I was told by a broker they are no longer for sale. Probably turning to rentals, I guess the raw fish wasn't enough to save them from the dropping prices in overbuilt harlem." So, the only question remaining is rental or hotel with the evidence indicating hotel. [CurbedWire Inbox]