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Arlene's Awkward Plush Toy Staging, Part Four

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When we first saw this Craigslist listing, we thought about skipping it, so unconvinced we were that it was a significant contribution to the plush toy staging canon of Arlene Greendlinger. With an empty apartment, you don't get the home invasion/demonic visitor vibe you get with, say, part three in this series. But upon closer inspection, we realized the genius: putting the cat directly in the sunlight so it casts a long, menacing shadow. And who are we kidding, she had us at "PURRFECTLY Priced!" Arlene, our apologies for doubting you, even if the closet move is still the cat's meow.
· Listing: PURRFECTLY Priced! Sponsor Reno'd LARGE 2BR! [CL]