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Upon Careful Consideration, the New Bus Shelters Bite

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We've had new "street furniture" bus shelters that have been busted up and tagged up, but what about less dramatic things like run-of-the-mill wear and tear? It appears that some of them need a hose down and/or shot of windex. Lost City looks and says:

what happens after they've been propped up and slapped silly with ads? Is the City supposed to give 'em a hose-down every now and then? Is Cemusa supposed to fly over task forces once a week? I ask this after sitting recently in a bus shelter on Columbia Street, Brooklyn, waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the B61. The glass walls were filthy. They looked like they hadn't been cleaned in weeks. Pieces of tape remained stuck to some panels where flyers had once been posted. Dirt and debris had fallen on the translucent ceiling.Also, things are falling off them because of "shoddy craftsmanship" and can't they put up damned bus schedules in them while they're at it?
· CEMUSA: Beautifying Our City [Lost City]