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That's Rather Hideous: When the Upper East Side Goes Bad

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That's Rather Hideous examines questionable decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos. Nominees, please, to

The post-war co-op at 900 Fifth Avenue is already something of a design anomaly, a white-brick building amongst the limestone mansions of the Gold Coast. Having been included in the Upper East Side Historic District because of its location, at 71st Street, the building was also recently forced into the first ever landmark restoration of a white-brick façade, a ruling still heavily debated. But for all the weirdness pertaining to the building's exterior, it still doesn't match what we stumbled upon while cruising for Upper East Side listings. Perhaps the only interior we've ever seen that can fully distract from amazing Central Park views, this two-bed, two-bath corner apartment has a wallpaper collection that Liberace might call "a little much." While the dining room looks lifted from some sort of Barbie dream house, the $6.2 million asking price probably puts it out of the reach of most collectors.
· Listing: 900 Fifth Avenue [Stribling]