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Kensington Under Siege: Rampaging Vandals & Thieves

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Why should Manhattanite's have all the vandalism fun? There's a report on the Kensington Brooklyn Blog from the Kensington Action Force (KAF) of rampaging vandals and rampant car break-ins. As for the vandalism, on Sunday morning "at least 12 automobiles had their tires slashed" on Cortelyou Road between Ocean Parkway and E. 7th St and on E. 7th. KAF reports "a group of 3 to 4 individuals, which included a woman/girl" and says that "auto vandalism has spiked recently in the Kensington community, despite NYPD parking equipment on local streets." There is another report from the same mean streets of "about 20-30 car break ins usually 2-4 a night that i have seen personally around ocean parkway and cortelyou, along cortelyou, and on e7th by the side of the church and between the school...this regular occurance is an outrage since its obvious to me that they are targeting large suv's with out of state plates..." In the meantime, commenters have chimed in with more reports of theft and vandalism. On the bright side, at least nobody's torching vehicles and practically burning down buildings. In the meantime, what the heck is the Kensington Action Force?
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