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Is There a Landmarking Traffic Jam Coming?

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With the landmarking clock run out on some buildings before the end of the Bloomberg administration? Well, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has 18 months to go and 1,000 buildings in the hopper. The good news is that 860 of them are in the proposed Prospect Heights Historic District, a sample of which is in the photo above. Nonetheless, LPC Chair Robert Tierney tells the Post that "the clock is ticking" and that there "is a sense that we have to move ahead." Two more historic districts being considered include one with 40 19th Century homes in Bed-Stuy and one with 100 buidlings in Ridgewood, Queens. Tierney says that "Over the next 18 months, we have our eyes on a lot of properties that we've been surveying." An average of 399 buildings a year have been landmarked during the Bloomberg Administration whereas 200 a year were added to the list during the Giuliani Administration. Bets on which neighborhoods or buildings don't make the cut before the clock runs out?
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