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West Chelsea Under Siege: Vandals' Reign of Terror Spreading

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This calm little island of ours is in the grips of chaos! Well, maybe not quite, but the bad old days could be making a comeback. Last week, in an "under siege" two-fer, we made mention of the bikers and gangs plaguing Inwood, and the vandalism and disturbances on a particularly tony stretch of the East Village. Over the weekend we spotted the above fliers on West 22nd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, one of those tree-lined West Chelsea blocks that look like they wouldn't know youthful rebellion if it strutted down the block flipping trash cans in its wake, which appears to be exactly what happened between 4 and 6 early Saturday morning. Note to rapscallions: You mess with the Vespas, you enter a world of pain.
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