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Bumps on the Road to Bed-Stuy Gentrification?

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Over the weekend, the Times took a look at that creature known as Bed-Stuy gentrification and concluded that there is restlessness among those that have moved in. Prices are falling. Foreclosures are up. And, as for amenities, well, some people practically were in tears when Fresh Direct started delivering. New residents, the Times says, "have grown frustrated waiting for change to come to Bed-Stuy, a north-central Brooklyn neighborhood with high rates of crime and foreclosures, trash-strewn streets and limited night life." Meanwhile, business owners wait "for a surge that has not yet arrived." Life for hipsters in a "frontier neighborhood...can be anything but home." There is, of course, react among local Bed-Stuy bloggers, including those quoted in the story. Bed-Stuy Blog says the story "accurately captures what is going on in this area. He talks about gentrification the way it really happens: two steps forward, one step backward, tension between old and new."

On the other hand the blogger who rents a $1,700 a month studio and it quoted at length, deconstructs the story a little, pointing out the points he made about the hood that weren't made in the article and writes of the Mynt that "In my mind $1700 per month is not what I would consider a “good deal,” even for “luxury” accommodations as this place is billed. I don’t consider myself a hipster, a pioneer or a clever real estate shopper." And, finally, Bed-Stuy Banana writes that "I was dismayed that it painted Bed-Stuy in such an ugly light, highlighting none of its beauty." Comments developing.
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