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Tomb of the Union Square Escalators: Don't Hold Your Breath

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The Times tried to get some answers about the escalating (!!!) Union Square escalator situation, and not surprisingly, intel regarding this debacle is dicey. To catch you up, the escalators on 14th Street under the Zeckendorf Towers that lead down to the subway station have been out-of-service on and off for years, and now the building's condo board (they are responsible for upkeep, not the MTA) have decided to go ahead and bury the things instead of at least allowing subway riders to use the overcrowded entrance's broken escalators as stairs. The building's property manager told the Times, "The condominium association has started the process to replace the escalators and looks forward to its completion." Ah yes, the old "board them up and screw metal bars into them" construction method. That's how maintenance does repairs at 15 Central Park West, right?
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