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It Happened One Weekend: Tisch's Giant Buy, Clinton's Harlem Birthday

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1) For the second time this year, the record price paid for a Manhattan co-op has been pushed to absurd new heights. This time around, Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch paid $48 million for a Central Park-facing spread on the 11th floor of 2 East 67th Street, one of Rosario Candela's greatest hits. The apartment had been listed at $40 million. The price tops the $46 million paid by some hedge fundie for something in 1060 Fifth Avenue in January. [Big Deal/'Record Price Reported on Manhattan Co-op']

2) Why are the asking prices at Nolita's pretty 211 Elizabeth so high? Well, when some of the bricks cost $300 a pop, what do you expect? [Dispatches/'Old World Brickwork, at New World Prices']

3) It's been seven years since Bill Clinton opened up an office on 125th Street, and Harlem sure has changed in the meantime. But has Big Bill helped or hurt the community? Depends on who you ask. ['Cold Shoulders']

4) The owner of the UES' Imperial House, the first noneviction conversion plan (way back in '71), has some advice for the developers at the Sheffield, Manhattan House, Apthorp and other huge rental-to-condo conversions: Just wait a few decades, and it'll all pay off in the end. Sure, you might die before the last rental tenants do, but if not, you're sitting pretty. [Big Deal/'The Waiting Game']

5) They finally gave Breezy Point a "Living In" feature, but it fails to mention the drunken Irishmen who will kill anyone who dares taint their beachside community with impure blood. [Living In: Breezy Point, Queens]

6) A young couple, he a Microsoft employee and she a hairdresser, move from Seattle with their young adopted son in tow. They need proximity to Long Island and Manhattan, and they want a house for under a million. Boom: Bay Ridge. Ew, but the houses are so icky. Where's the staging skills, Bay Ridge? You're shooting yourself in the foot a little. [The Hunt/'A Fondness for Bay Ridge']

2 E 67th St

2 East 67th Street, Manhattan, NY 10065