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CurbedWire: Rape on the LES, More Transients in HuSq

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LOWER EAST SIDE?Deep on the LES, in Co-Op Village land, comes this alarmed dispatch regarding an eye-catching neighborhood landmark that in no way is an overreaction: "Lippman Auditorium is being Raped!!!! How can this be stopped!!!! 545 Grand Street, the Lippman Auditorium, a Mendelsohn inspired building from the 40's is being maimed by Find Fair. A call to 311 with a complaint has been made, since their permit, alt type 2, is for storefront replacement....not rebricking and raising the parapet 12'-0" high." Photos of the carnage above. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HUDSON SQUARE?Another hotel in the land that Soho forgot? "Walking to work this morning, I passed the awful 66 Charlton Four Points, and I noticed sidewalk shed up in front of the two low-rise buildings between 66 Charlton and the Big Hudson Street Hotel thing. I asked a worker what was going on, and he said 'another hotel.' You guys know about this? Who the hell is going to stay in all these hotel rooms?!" Our parents? [CurbedWire Inbox]