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The Wreck Next Door Has One Big Fight Left In It

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The crumbling old Gulf Coast restaurant building at the end of West 12th Street, owned by the estate of late reclusive West Village overlord Bill Gottlieb, is finally being demolished, much to the delight of architect/developer Cary Tamarkin, who built the condo building next door at 495 West Street and is building the one behind it at 397 West 12th Street. But the legal disputes are far from over. A wall on the north end of the Gulf Coast property separates the building from Tamarkin's West Street building. The Real Deal reports that the condo board wants the wall reinforced and repaired, and the Gottliebs want to tear the sucker down. Tamarkin, who tried to buy the building, said he and Bill Gottlieb had a little tiff over whose property the wall is on. There is currently a partial stop work order in place to protect the wall until a conclusion is reached. The board of 495 West Street is seeking an injunction blocking the wall's demolition, and the parties may be headed back to court on Thursday.
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397 West 12th Street

397 West 12th Street, New York, NY