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On the Racked: iPhrenzy Diminishing, LIC Edging Toward Groceries, Health Says Hello, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Multiple Locations: During this third week of iPhrenzy there is some merciful evidence of lines getting smaller, not to mention a voucher system so people can go to the bathroom or, uh, go to work.

2) Long Island City: The lettering has gone up for the Amish Market, except that it's being called foodcellar. Also, there's a rumor that a Met Foods may be coming to the grocery-starved enclave.

3) Soho: Nike is getting ready to open its store on Mercer Street just in time for the Olympic opening ceremonies. They're not an Olympic sponsor? No worries, they'll still have tie-ins.

4) Williamsburg: Hello Health is saying hello to Williamsburg on Berry Street near N. 8 offering pay-per-visit services targeted to the uninsured. Members pay a $25 monthly fee, and an additional $75-100 per visit depending on condition.