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Thompson LES Soft Opens, Minibars 'Fully Stocked'

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As noted this morning, hotelier Jason Pomeranc has indeed thrown open the doors of his new Lower East Side tower, Thompson LES. A special Curbed correspondent reports from the scene, "Walked by around 10am and noted a phalanx of Adrien Grenier-types eager to welcome me to the hotel. One suggested I check out the lobby, which I'm pleased to note is almost finished—well, there were two guys in a stepladder in one corner fixing something—and sports a charming array of blown glass behind reception." A spot check on the Orchard Street side, meantime, revealed a construction crew hurredly packing away the remaining scaffolding.

A call to the hotel switchboard put us in touch with a friendly young lady who revealed for us which amenities are, and are not, available at this time for use by hotel guests. Here's your handy READY/NOT READY guide:

· Lobby: ready, beware rogue stepladders
· Second-floor lobby lounge: Seemingly ready; presence of blown glass decor detected from street
· Spa: not ready
· Andy Warhol swimming pool: not ready
· Restaurant not ready (N.B. restaurant name has just been revealed, and friendly woman on phone tells us that before the restaurant opens "we've made arrangements with local restaurants for delivery service," aka, it seems they've collected some menus)
· Bar/rooftop bar: not ready
· In-room minibars: ready and, we quote, "fully stocked"

As for the various and sundry pieces here that are not ready, the current word is "late fall." Meantime, the hotel is fully committed tonight and tomorrow, but availabilities start at $299 for Thursday night.
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