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Curbed PriceUpper: From Russia With Trump

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Yesterday, we pointed out that?following an international tour by the building's brokers?Soho Mews raised the price of its penthouse. Today, a similar situation, but on a much much larger scale. The duplex penthouse at Trump Park Avenue has been on sale for a while now, long enough to warrant a fairly extensive makeover in order to give it new life. Then Donald Trump hired a Russian-speaking broker to market the $45 million duplex to all those juice and fertilizer barons that can't get enough Trump in their lives. Oh, did we say $45 million? Because the price just got raised to $51 million. Writes a Curbed tipster, "They were originally marketing it for, I believe, $32mm when I moved into the building. I believe this is purely a shameless attempt to play with the big boys – namely 15 CPW." Or The Plaza, which should just be called Little Moscow. And don't forget about what's in the pipelineski, comrades...
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