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Curbed PriceChopper: Deep Cuts at Park Slope's Elan

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Then: $900,000
Now: $749,000
You Save!: $151,000!

The PriceChopper has landed at The Elan in Park Slope, the condo formerly known at The Gowanus that sits next to a McDonald's just off booming Fourth Avenue. The Chops are so new that the blood is still flowing into the drive-thru. Street Easy is showing pretty impressive shaves to five of six active units in the building and listing only one unit as being in contract. Let's take the case of Unit 5A, which is a 932 square foot, two bedroom. It was originally listed on May 17 for $900K and chopped to $749K yesterday. A 3BR that started life at $1.1M has been trimmed to $989K. Is it the beginning of the carnage at Elan or just a minor correction?
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