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Four Points by Sheraton Touches Down at 66 Charlton

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In downtown Manhattan, where the race to open new hotels is zooming full speed ahead, the leader of the pack looks to be a 150-room Four Points by Sheraton down in Soho. It's almost ready to open and it brings a bit of whimsy into New York's hospitality competition, which ranges from the sublime to the regurgitative. This one has what oddly seems to be a post-modern farm house plopped on top, the big water tower looking like some nearby silo. The "shimmering black tower" rises at 66 Charlton Street not far from Trump's tower of short-stay condos. It's just up the street from the almost-open Hampton Inn at 54 Watts Street, aka the Blue Poon and is happily on higher ground than BCRE's grand new hotel rising from the swamps of SoHo. The Four Points comes by way of the usually deadly serious Gene Kaufman and the Lam Group, also known as the Number One Competitor of developer Sam Chang, who is pushing to open a somewhat humble Hilton down on York Street, which is another one from Gene Kaufman. In a race where it's neck and neck--Kaufman versus Kaufman--how can anyone tell who ends up the loser?
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