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On the Racked: Debut of the Mobile Fake Shop, Billion Dollar Babes Sale, Daffy's Blows, More

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1) Chinatown: The latest development in the knock-off handbag and watch business is the mobile fake shop. Racked reports fake shops on wheels such as "a van parked on Baxter Street just north of Canal filled with faux designer bags." There isn't only one.

2) West Village: Over on a confusing stretch of Eighth Avenue, Steven Alan and Sergio Davila will return in August, Shoegasm is probably still alive but Coffee Sweet Heart's fate is very much unkown.

3) Chelsea: Do check out the pics of the Billion Dollar Babes' Vivienne Westwood Anglomania sale and there's still a few minutes left to hit it up before leaving town for the weekend.

4) Soho: The Daffy's on Broadway blows, but not necessarily the way you think.