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'Brooklyn's Picturesque Waterfront,' Red Hook Edition

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Earlier, we noted that a judge had declared a fence put up on the Red Hook waterfront illegal and ordered it torn down. He said it was put up without permission, etc. What was interesting, though, was Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe's comment about the decision: "The removal of the fence opens up Brooklyn’s picturesque waterfront and gives Brooklyn residents and New Yorkers another reason to visit this fabled community park." The park in question is the Red Hook Recreation Area, which is the home of the Red Hook Ballfields and vendors. Speaking of which, Eater picks up a report that the vendors aren't scheduled to return until July 12 or 19, killing many dreams of a picking up a pupusa and a Billy bookcase over the Fourth. (Normally, they arrive in May.) In any case, here's the fence that will fall and the "picturesque" waterfront. That's the spooky abandoned Grain Terminal on the left and a Hess oil storage facility on the right.
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