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The Bloodiest Subway Car You'll See ... This Week

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No no, just kidding. The subways are totally safe, of course! Except for on the big screen. 2nd Ave. Sagas points us to a crazy collection of photos on enthusiast website Subchat of a modified subway car used in the filming of the remake of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. In the 1974 original, Walter Matthau went up against some terrorists who had hijacked a 6-train. In the sequel, it'll be Denzel Washington (vs. John Travolta!). According to 2nd Ave. Sagas, this is an older R62 car gussied up to look like a brand new R142, which replaced the old Red Birds. Spoiler alert: things are going to get a little violent! Yeesh, first the bus, now the subway ... can Hollywood cut us some freakin' slack, or what?
· EXCLUSIVE!!!! PHOTOS Of The Modified R62 Being Used In Pelham 123 Remake! [SubChat via 2nd Ave. Sagas]