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Karl Fischer Speaks: He Likes to Keep a Clear Mind

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Buried in a story in the new Real Deal about developers talking about Brooklyn blogging, is a fascinating glimpse at the mind of Karl Fischer, the Master of Brooklyn architecture. The article paraphrases Hot Karl as saying "he has no interest in what the blogs have to say, despite being arguably the most regularly blogged-about Brooklyn architect." Directly, Our Karl says: "Sometimes my assistant, if she sees something, will send it to me. Or another developer will say, 'Hey did you see that one?' But I don't go specifically on the Internet to read the blogs." This is because, he says, "I don't really want to be influenced by it? if you always listen to the gossip, you don't do anything." Also, Karl says he knows good from bad and may not have a choice in the matter when some buildings turn out worse than others: "As an architect, when you do a project, you know when you're doing a good project, and you know when you're not doing a good project. But there are ulterior reasons for why things are getting done a certain way. Some of it is economic, but the blogs don't know it." And, that is the word from Hot Karl.
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