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Mac Buys at BLUE; What Now for PC?

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BLUE, Norfolk Street's 16-story pixelated wonder, looks like a building designed by a computer gone mad. So it's only appropriate that actor Justin Long, the personification of every nerdy fanboy's greatest love, would purchase a condo atop the Lower East Side's loved/hated luxury high-rise. According to a Sun report, "Tower 15," one of BLUE's fancy full-floor residences, was scooped up by Long for $2.4 million. According to the Corcoran listing, the 1,975-square-foot apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and plenty of big windows to gaze out upon Delancey Street and beyond. So, we get it: Apple?hip, edgy, Lower East Side. Does this mean that PC-repping John Hodgman will be forced to buy at some white-glove Upper East Side co-op?
· 'Mac Guy' Buys Into Lower East Side's Blue [Sun]
· Listing: 105 Norfolk Street [Corcoran]