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Braced For Change at 2 Renwick Street

Down where once-sleepy little Renwick Street meets the raging cross-town torrent of Canal there was once a confluence of stream and swamp known as Lispenard Meadows. A few dozen decades later, this is the hottest place in town to build new mega-plush mansions in the sky. Before the steel and concrete can rise, however, there's a lot of pre-construction work that needs to be done to shore up the mucky ground and make it stable enough to withstand the onslaught of cash and condos. Witness the bracing steel just north of Canal between Renwick and Hudson, where a mysterious something from the office of Kossar + Garry Architects will rise. Other nearby developments show similar supports. Some were pre-planned, but others are the result of construction calamities that have sometimes caused displacement and dollars to go down the drain. We'll be continuing our sagas of support, so, brace thyselves.
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2 Renwick Street New York NY