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Equinox Fitness Clubs Will Inspire You

Don't wait. Click here for your 3-day trial membership.
As you consider your get-fit options, keep in mind that Equinox offers an unparalleled member experience in an inspired environment. From innovative group classes like Barre Burn, a total-body workout designed to tighten and strengthen, to sessions with personal trainers who have graduated from the proprietary Equinox Fitness Training Institute, Equinox offers a full-service solution. You can also take advantage of a diverse set of treatments at The Spa at Equinox and quality skin and hair care amenities from Kiehl's in the locker room or The Shop.

There are five weeks between now and Labor Day, which means there's still time to add a little fitness to the summer of '10. And even if your medicine ball and crunch regimen only gets you as far as a 2-pack by September, you'll have a head start for your mid-February escape to the Caribbean. Oh, and it's good for you!