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CurbedWire: Another Chelsea Development Coming, Harlem Pier Park Still Closed?

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CHELSEA?It looks like there's a new development coming at Eighth Avenue and 26th Street. Per a tipster: "On southeast the corner of 26th & 8th Ave there are three very old buildings - two are townhouses and one is a 3 floor walk-up apartment building. These buildings are adjacent to a sizable parking lot. Since I moved to Chelsea 4 years ago, these buildings have always been in a state of strange disrepair. The building on the corner has had scaffolding around out for as long as I remember...Today I noticed that all the windows had been removed from all three buildings. Then I noticed that the demolition crews hard at work...This would be a really big footprint in prime Chelsea for a developer. The new building would probably be 1.5 times the size of the Onyx, a few blocks north." The entire site, including parking lots, is owned by the same firm, but nothing has been filed except for demolition permits. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?A few weeks ago Curbed reported that the new West Harlem Pier at 125th Street near Fairway was open. It's not open and the ugly chain-link fences have gotten higher. For months I would drive by and see the workers out, day and night getting the pier ready. It's been weeks since I've seen anyone out there and it's sad to think it's going to sit there unused all summer. This project was originally slated for Spring 2007, then the sign said Spring 2008. Okay it's mid-Summer 2008 and the West Harlem residents are getting resentful. Anyone out there have any answers? [CurbedWire Inbox]