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Burg's Finger Fight Goes On and On and On

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There was supposed to be a big decision yesterday on whether the Finger Building in Williamsburg could move forward before it collapses because of rust, but after a 2 1/2 hour marathon hearing, the Board of Standards and Appeals decided not to decide. A community coalition that was appealing the Board's December decision to possibly let the Robert Scarano building rise to its full height of 16 stories showed up with lawyers this time and one activist characterized the BSA as being "way more receptive to our case" than they were last year. In the end, the Board gave both sides and the Department of Buildings until August 26 to produce more documents it wants to see. Among the issues is whether the developers were allowed to count neighboring roofs as "open space," to allow a taller Finger. In the meantime, a nasty court case over that "open space" and whether it was given or taken won't be fully decided until October or November. (There are also allegations of names being forged on permit applications.) And a rumored sale of the Finger has not taken place. There could be another BSA hearing on the issue in the Fall too. In the meantime, the Finger will remain a halted and rusting fixture on the Burg skyline.
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