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Park Avenue Party Church Denied in Bid to Expose Neighbors

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Jesus may have turned water into wine, but some posh co-ops on the Upper East Side are still fighting like hell to keep him from turning that wine into cold, hard cash. The Third Church of Christ, Scientist at Park Avenue and 63rd Street has been in a long legal battle with neighbors over the church's right to rent itself out for catered events in order to make money to support itself. VIP locals hate the increased traffic and revelry along Park Avenue, and they persuaded city officials to revoke the church's permits. Or so the church has argued. Residents told the church to take it down to Chelsea, and Team JC responded by trying to subpoena three nearby co-op boards to expose their party throwing ways. That would have been absolutely delicious, but a federal judge has thrown out the subpoenas. Boo. The Park Avenue Party Church has also subpoenaed other churches in the city to prove that its social calendar is no more populated than other holy sanctuaries. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Park Avenue residents!
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