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Extell Dreams Rising Between Charlton and Vandam

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Following the CurbedWire inquiry regarding "two low-rise buildings between 66 Charlton and the Big Hudson Street Hotel thing," we venture into the bowels of the Department of Finance where info shows that Extell and Gary Barnett have entered into a $16M + agreement covering the recently combined lots at 68 - 76 Charlton / 61 - 63 Vandam. So far, the only Building Permits for this site cover the demolition of some squat brick buildings which have been sitting empty there for years, with no info on what's to come. Some recent news about a proposed Hudson Square BID notes that Extell is on board, so they're definitely showing active interest in the area. Extell has another site down the block at Sixth and Vandam, but that one has been inactive for months now. But with the "shimmering" Sheraton Four Points to the east and the snazzy Viceroy Hotel complex rising at 330 Hudson to the west Gary and gang are well positioned to get aboard the hotel bandwagon pulling into downtown.
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